Love to write fiction – 5 tips to help you make it awesome

Practice writing and you'll have a shelf with book written by you  Image via Flickr

Practice writing and you’ll have a shelf with books written by you
Image via Flickr

Writing fiction is all what most of us want to do. Nothing would be more fulfilling than having your story up on book shelves in a store. Yet, writing fiction is not easy. It is definitely not as simple as sitting down for five hours straight where you just pour out words to create a story. No, the creative process of writing a story is filled with distractions and constant breaks. It is a hard long, path that requires sheer will power to write a story.

So how do you tune your creative process to get the best writing out of you?

A Connected Character

Your audience needs a character that they can connect with. Whether it is your protagonist or a side character, try to craft a character which your audience can feel for. This is where your skills of adding details to your character will come in. Understand the various levels you can create. It can be as simple as the types of music the character likes to their hopes and dreams.

Get into their Skin

You have to get into the skin of your character (yes, forget the shoes). Put in the characters thoughts and action to create a good balance. You cannot create a character that does not feel genuine.

By getting into their skin, you are also allowing your audience to get a deep look at your character and this increases their chance of connecting with character.


Your character has got to have obstacles and that is how the plot is going to progress. It is important you don’t be shy and constantly put your character through the worst moral dilemmas. Giving a character history is one way to develop character, but the best way is pushing your character against the wall and watching how he reacts.

Be Honest

Throughout the story, always be honest to your character. The thing about crafting a story is that there are so many ways that a situation can go, so many ways your character can react. Look into your heart and know the truth about your character and how he would react to the situation. Do not deviate from the truth, it will just cause loopholes in your story.


Once you finish your story, take a break and then rewrite it. When you first wrote your story, you fumbled with the words, the plot and how it would end. When you get to writing it a second time, you know what your story is, where it is going and how it is going to end. On a whole, when you rewrite it, you will notice how you are crafting a better story.



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